Unlimited Customizable Basic Math Practice Worksheets!

Unlimited Customizable Worksheets | HOLE STUDIES QUICK OVERVIEW

Unlimited amount of worksheets (and answers) for Addition, Multiplication, and/or Subtraction of 1 or 2 digit numbers!  Best for elementary or middle school students.



Differentiating lessons and practice-problems for each student is difficult enough, but it’s especially difficult and can be very overwhelming if teachers need to create their own resources for several different ability levels (and have to create answer keys on top of that)!



The ability to give your child extra practice work at home is what most parents want.  Wouldn’t it be great to have unlimited amount of math practice problems for your child without (1) emailing the teacher constantly and waiting for a response, (2) having to rely on your child to bring home his/her textbook, (3) having to search online for academic websites, and (4) needing to check the work yourself?!



To have instant access to unlimited amount of worksheets (and answer keys), for any level student!  No need to borrow materials from other teachers or skim frantically through workbooks and other resources trying to find a new practice worksheet!



  1. Differentiating lessons
  2. Generating quick quizzes
  3. Having multiple versions of the same assessment to discourage cheating
  4. Extra practice problems for struggling students
  5. Re-teach worksheets



  1. Extra practice problems
  2. Answers included so parents don’t have to worry about doing the work themselves
  3. No textbook needed
  4. Good for multiple levels!



This is a program that generates unlimited number or problems/worksheets of addition, subtraction, and/or multiplication for 1 or 2 digit numbers.



All you need to do is input the criteria that the student is working on… and it’s only a few easy steps:

  1. number of digits (at most, 1 or 2 digits?)
  2. the operation(s) you’d like the student(s) to practice
  3. (optional) the number of the worksheet
  4. (optional) if you’d like to include the problem numbers on the worksheet

That’s it!  Just a few easy steps and the program will generate different numbers for students to practice!





Excel File – One file, just a few steps! Have a new worksheet (and an answer key) in 6 seconds!

  • Customize – Dictate the number of digits and the operation and the program does everything else!  This can’t get any easier – trust me!
  • Worksheet/Answers – The worksheet and answers will generate itself based on the criteria you stipulated in the “customize” section



Want a preview file for FREE before you buy the real deal?  I understand!  That’d be like buying clothes without trying them on first!  CLICK HERE to download your free mini-file of this product!  Once you click the link, download will happen automatically so be sure to look for it in your computer (where ever your downloaded files go by default settings).

Like it?  Then you’ll LOVE the full version!


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  2. Once your payment is processed, you will be then be brought to a page with a link so that you can download the file.
    NOTE: File sharing is not allowed and protected under copyright laws – the link that you are presented with is for you [the buyer], and you alone.
  3. Please email holestories@gmail.com if you have any questions or technical difficulties.



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