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STUDENT: Tashi, Age 8

“The way Lindsay teaches let’s you be independent yet she will help you if you’re stuck on something…”

STUDENT: Declan, Age 11

“Besides getting me good at math, she (Lindsay) has also assisted me in getting confident…” 

PARENTS: Tim & Kathy B. (children are in high school)

“… the kids do the work during the sessions they don’t watch Lindsay do problems. They work through the problems and Lindsay observes, guides, and instructs as needed. They are learning by doing.”

TEACHER: Ragini Narasimhan, QuantPhysics and Algebra2
at University Prep, Seattle, WA

“My student felt more confident after she received the 1-on-1 help with Lindsay.” 

PARENT: Debbie Nilsen (daughter is in middle school)


“Lindsay has been great responding to emails and staying in contact to coordinate scheduling. She is very flexible and reliable.”

STUDENT: Trinity, Seventh Grade

“Lindsay didn’t mind if I asked questions more than once, she just helped me at my own learning speed.”

PARENT: Daniel Howell (daughter is in middle school)

“She was well traveled (and) had experience teaching at different levels and seemed to express a real passion for sharing her craft…”

PARENT: Amy Wells (daughter is in high school)

“Lindsay is timely, patient, knowledgeable and able to impart math concepts in a way that even students with challenges can understand.”