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The majority of classrooms.

Most classrooms (especially in public schools), simply can not cater to the needs of an individual student.  Whether the pace of the class is too fast, or too slow, public school systems cater to the majority of students (sad, but true). If about 70% of students are understanding the material, then the teacher will move on to the next topic (and it’s up to the struggling students to seek extra help).


Does your child…

  • fall within the 30% of students who do not fully grasp the basic concepts?
  • get bored in class because the work is too easy?
  • struggle one day and then excel the next day due to inconsistent behavior?
  • get frustrated with school work often, but can’t articulate why?
  • need occasional homework help?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then your child will benefit from working with a private tutor.



Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics
Master’s Degree in Secondary Math Education
Certified to teach 5th grade through college


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