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Professional Tutoring Receipts

Are you a private tutor? Make your tutoring service more professional by providing parents with real receipts for each tutoring session! Parents ask for receipts for all sorts of reasons [legal reasons mother and father, tax purposes, need to keep track of spent money, etc.] Whatever the case may be, the option of a professional receipt is a must.

Receipts are not only good for parents, but also for YOU as well! Not only does this print out have receipts to give parents, but also a stub that you keep that matches with the original receipt. This way, you have it documented every time you get paid!

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Information Cards

THE GOAL To gather information in an organized way so that you are able to recall that information quickly and easily. . BONUSES Completely customizable for any class and any information you’d like to collect! Super eco-friendly system of being organized since you’re using one piece of paper four times, front and back… Easy to use with step-by-step instructions (that

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