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Teach on a Beach! – Cambodia

While I was on the island of Koh Rong, I noticed a group of kids skipping by me on the beach pointing to things and yelling what they were in English. I soon learned about the English classes that take place on the island with all the local children. Ever wonder how someone gets the job of an English teacher on a gorgeous remote island? Find out!

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Sapa O’Chau – Vietnam

The Sapa O’Chau Centre is dedicated to helping children learn curricula and pass the entrance exams in order to, eventually, attend Vietnamese public school. It was created in hopes of promoting education as well as providing work/training opportunities to local children.

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Let Us Create! – Cambodia

There are many countries in Asia where children begging on the street for money is a real problem. Children are taught from a young age how to beg: what to say, how to look, where to go, and what time is most profitable. Usually, children are out begging at night and, therefore, do not attend school the next day. There is an amazing program that is taking steps in the right direction to tackle this problem.

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