Professional Tutoring Receipts

Are you a private tutor?  Make your tutoring service more professional by providing parents with real receipts for each tutoring session!  Parents ask for receipts for all sorts of reasons [legal reasons between mother and father, tax purposes, need to keep track of spent money, etc.]  Whatever the case may be, the option of a professional receipt is a must.

Receipts are not only good for parents, but also for YOU as well! Not only does this printout have receipts to give parents, but also a stub that you keep that matches with the original receipt.  This way, you have  documentation every time you get paid!

Understandable.  Most do not request one, but…

  • This system also has a page for you to keep track of parents/students that pay but don’t receive a receipt [so that you can easily keep track of payments]
  • What are you going to do when a parent one day asks for a receipt and you don’t have this system?  Writing a proof of purchase on a piece of notebook paper isn’t going to look professional at all…


  • Receipts that are easily customizable
    • Start receipt numbers at any number in order to continually add to your receipt book
    • Customize your own footer
    • Options to make your Professional Receipt Book standard-size or mini-size [for easy travel and convenience].
  • Samples and directions
  • Keep track of whether payment was with cash or check
  • A page to add to your receipt book to record payments of no receipts [just for your own personal records]


Be professional and stay organized!

 for only $6.50!



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  1. What a great idea! So easy to use and to stay organized. I’ve been tutoring for almost 40 years and have never even thought of this!

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