Symbolic Logic PowerPoint and 4 Worksheets


An entire unit teaching symbolic logic! PowerPoint presentation and worksheets so students can practice what they’ve learned day-by-day. Answer keys included for easy teaching!

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  • To easily explain and visually show the simplicity of symbolic logic.
  • Turn English sentences into mathematical formulas and symbolic statements.
  • Understand the difference between “or” and “and”…
  • Learn about conditional and biconditional statements and truth tables
  • Differentiate between converse, inverse, and contrapositive.
  • Learn logical equivalence.
  • Understand Venn Diagrams
  • Learn a systematic and easy way to complete a truth table


8-12… Usually taught as a section in Geometry [but differs from state to state]



· An in depth PowerPoint presentation with great pictorial representations and explanations of:

  1. Identifying statements
  2. Negation of statements and truth tables
  3. “Or” and “And” statements and truth tables
  4. Converse, inverse, and contrapositive statements and truth tables
  5. Conditional statements and truth tables
  6. Identifying the hypothesis and conclusion of conditional statement
  7. Biconditional statements and truth tables
  8. Venn Diagrams of “All,” “Some,” or “None”
  9. Venn Diagrams of conditional statements

· Animations make this PowerPoint fun and easy to follow

· A Teacher Guide to make presenting the PowerPoint, instructing students, and answering questions easier.

· A four page work packet that students can complete while following the PowerPoint presentation or assign as class work or homework

  1. Many examples
  2. Truth Tables to complete
  3. Identifying the hypothesis and conclusion of a conditional statement
  4. Venn Diagrams

 · Answer Keys for all 4 worksheets



Should take between 2-6 days [depending on students’ ability]



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The PowerPoint accompanies the worksheets fantastically, but if you already have a lesson for teaching all the aspects of Symbolic Logic but just want some extra practice materials, then you’re in luck because you can buy the worksheets separately… CLICK HERE to buy just the 4 Symbolic Logic Worksheets without the PowerPoint.



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