IGCSE Computer Science Question Bank (Past Papers)


The quickest way to make an IGCSE Computer Science Mock Exam! Use these questions to make homework assignments, study guides, and any other activity to practice for the IGCSE Exams.


Note: GCSE and IGCSE are the same. With GCSE (exams in the UK), money amounts use “£” and with IGCSE (the International version of the GCSE), money amounts use “€.” The questions are the same, but same symbols and units might differ. Nevertheless, the questions are great practice regardless if students are studying GCSE or IGCSE.


Every question from IGCSE past paper exams! Nearly 200 questions (and answers) which can be used in any way the teacher sees fit. Each question and answer is saved as a different file, so teachers can either put them back-to-back (great for practice), or easily separate them (great for mock exams). Note: IGCSE and GCSE are basically the exact same exam, so whether you’re in a teacher in the UK or somewhere else in the world, these questions will help with making class materials.


Differentiating lessons and practice-problems for each student is difficult enough, but it’s especially difficult and can be very overwhelming if teachers need to create their own resources for several different ability levels (and have to create answer keys on top of that)!
The resources that are available online seem to be very limited (in my opinion). I’ve emailed several companies which my school had paid subscriptions for complaining about the lack of Computer Science questions in their exam maker question bank… Frustrated, I created my own question bank! Now I want to share it with other (I)GCSE Computer Science Teachers!
This resource is designed to help (I)GCSE Computer Science teachers to quickly generate any class material involving Paper 1 questions. Teachers can use the questions in a Power Point, Kahoot, Quiz, Mock Exam, etc.
Every file/picture has its own unique code. Within the code, you’ll be able to tell when the test was given, which paper it was (the first version of paper 1 or the second version of paper 1), question number, the amount of points it was worth, vocabulary related to the question, and the type/style of question.


To have instant access to (I)GCSE past paper questions.


Once you’ve downloaded the folder, you’ll see an instructional guide, and a folder with all the questions and answers. Simply type in what you’d like to search for (whether it’s a specific topic, or all the questions from March 2016, or maybe all the questions that are worth exact 4 points). Your search criteria will filter out all the questions and answers that do not fit within those parameters. It’s really that easy!


Instructional Guide – A detailed manual with examples on how to search for exactly what you’re looking for.
Q&A Folder – The main older with all the past paper questions and answers (this is where you’ll search)
Mock Exam Cover Page – A cover page which can be used when making a mock exam so that it looks exactly like the real thing. It’ll be a generic page with no year and a place where you can enter the total points the exam is worth. This can be used to make any mock exam.


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