Checkbook System Part 1


This Checkbook System is perfect for any class!  It teaches students how to write a check, balance a register, and manage their money.  But the best part is that it’s used as a class discipline tool as well as a reward system.


Set prices for pencils, erasers, paper, or anything else students often forget. Set consequences for students that run out of money and set rewards for students that save money because they are always prepared for class.

This system is fast and easy to use and completely customizable for every student in the class.  Write students’ names ONCE and set the check number ONCE, and the program fills in the rest!  It’ll take longer to print than it will to use this program!

Have students cut out and make their very own realistic checkbook personalized with each student’s name! Use in an individual class or as an entire team of core-subjects.

NOTE:  Part One is completely independent from Part Two.  Part Two just has extra add-ons if you really love Part One and want more!  Part Two is FREE, so enjoy!



Data Input – One tab to input all student names, and the program does the rest!



• Input student names ONCE, the program generates student names on all other tabs…
• Print tabs for students’ personalized checkbooks
• Follow more detailed directions in program for step-by-step instructions



• Create checkbooks for individual students
• Determine check numbers
• Put school address to make it more personal




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