Kahoot Score Conversion!

Kahoot Score Conversion THE GOAL

To convert Kahoot scores for easy gradebook input!



This is a program (and Excel program) that convert any Kahoot scores into completely customizable grades! YOU decide what it should be graded out of, and YOU decide if you want a “bottom out” grade (so that no student fails.
Also, instantly display the conversion on the board so that students leave the class knowing what their grade will be – INSTANT GRADING!



This is not content specific. This works with ANY Kahoot!



• Simply go to your previously played Kahoots (Sign in >> click on top right that says “my Kahoots”)

• Choose which class (I look at the time-stamps)

• Download (either to you computer, or to your Google Drive)

• Click on the second tab in the file you just downloaded (the second pages has all the students’ scores)

• Highlight and copy all of the scores

• Paste scores into this program

• Tell the program what the maximum and minimum grade should be…

Then the program calculates the rest and, on a separate page, has all of your classes’ grades, neatly organized!



• What it should be graded out of (the maximum score)
• If there should be extra credit (for students who earned a score above the max’)
• If there should be an “bottom out” grade (can be used as an incentive that no student will fail as long as he/she participates the entire time)



• Change the grading scale for different classes! Great for Honors classes vs. regular classes
• Use the program for years, with any Kahoot!



When I used this with my classes, it saved me a ton of time grading! Scores would instantly pop up and I would input the grades literally the next period on my planning break. My principal used me as an example of the only teacher in the building who had the correct amount of grades and who updated the gradebook the fastest.
Save time and impress everyone at the same time! Teaching doesn’t have to be difficult =)





Want a preview file for FREE before you buy the real deal?  I understand!  That’d be like buying clothes without trying them on first, right?!  CLICK HERE to download your free mini-file of this product!  Once you click the link, the download will happen automatically so be sure to look for it in your computer (where ever your downloaded files go, by the default settings).

Like it?  Then you’ll LOVE the full version!


Selling on TeachersPayTeachers for $14.85!

OR on Hole Studies for only $10.99!



• Click the “Buy Now” button and you will be redirected to PayPal
NOTE: You do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make this purchase

• Once your payment is processed, you will be then be brought to a page with a link so that you can download the file.
NOTE: File sharing is not allowed and protected under copyright laws – the link that you are presented with is for you [the buyer], and you alone.

• Please email holestories@gmail.com if you have any questions or technical difficulties.



Did you recently download this product?  If so, please leave a comment on the bottom of this page to let others know what you think!

Was it easy to use/understand?  How did you use it in your class and was it a success?  Do you think it was a good purchase?  Let’s hear it! Thanks so much =)



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  • I love this so much! We play Kahoot all the time in my class – my students love it and this resource just made Kahoot even better! Thanks so much!

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