Hole Studies needs you!  Whether you contribute your time, comments, suggestions, couch, or a few bucks, all of it contributes to the success of Hole Studies.


If you think there is something I can do to improve Hole Studies’ mission, let’s hear it!  I want to know what you think, questions, suggestions of future posts/destinations, etc.  Leave a comment or feel free to send me a private message via email:  I look forward to hearing from you!

Your voice can be even more powerful than just a way to share your opinion(s); the most important way you can help Hole Stories by using your voice is by spreading the word!  Tell your friends and family about the stuff you liked here and encourage them to do the same!  The more readers of Hole Stories, the more interesting the discussions and comments!


When I’m not in one location tutoring for awhile, I’m out in the world traveling and visiting schools in other countries to get new and exciting ideas!  So if you’re a fellow educator, couchsurfer, traveler, or just someone that would like to open their home to a stranger, then awesome!  Let me know so I can plan my adventures accordingly!  Thanks!


In exchange for an apartment, there exist many travel expenses.  I do my best to save every penny I possibly can, in every way I possibly can, but unfortunately, money is necessary in order to get from place to place.  If you like what you’re reading and would like to contribute something other than just advice and/or a couch, then feel free to donate some money to keep me moving!  The money I collect will go towards transportation in countries where hitchhiking isn’t as safe, hostels where I am unable to couchsurf, and visas into countries that require such.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will help me in my search to a solution to public education.  An account is NOT necessary to show your support.

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  1. Love the personal map so we can follow your route. Photos are awesome, too. You’re finding really great stuff for free that most tourists miss. Thanks for sharing that info with the rest of us!

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