Checkbook System PARENT EDITION!

Hey Parents!  Check out this great parenting tool!  This Checkbook System is perfect for any parent because it can be used as a discipline tool as well as a reward system! Or simply, just a cute way to teach and play with your young one…



  • Elementary school children that like to mimic grown-up actions such as cooking in a kitchen or playing house… Now your little one can have their very own mini-checkbook that looks exactly like yours [name, address, check number, etc.]!
  • Middle/High school students that want to practice writing their own checks and understand what it actually means with the bank…
  • Middle/High school students that have could use more discipline at home.



Do you think that your child could use a bit more discipline but you don’t want to fight or yell?  Is there something that your child does over and over again and you’re not sure how to change his/her actions (because just telling them over and over again doesn’t seem to be working)?  If so, then try this checkbook system!  Many teachers have used this in class and it has proven to turn students’ actions around.  Now you can use this same system at home!

Let’s say that your child uses inappropriate language, plays video games too often, or forgets to bring his/her homework home…  You, the parent, can set prices for each problem area… Then, when your child slips up, have them write you a check for that offense…

Example Terms and Conditions:
Money will be tallied at the end of each week… Child can not exceed $50.  If they do, no cell phone for the weekend.

Example Prices [of fake checkbook money

  • For every 30 minutes of video game time, that’ll cost your child $3.79
  • For every night they stay up past their bed time, that’ll cost them $5.28
  • For every additional half hour past their bed time, that’ll cost them another $2.56

This way, you do not need to yell or fight – the decision is theirs.  They are still learning the value to money, how quickly it adds up, how to write a check, and that there will be consequence later in life for their actions even if there isn’t someone yelling all the time…

This system will early hold your child accountable for his/her actions (or lack there of) as well as teach him/her how to write a real check, balance a register, and manage money!

This system is fast and easy to use and completely customizable for each child.  Write your child’s name ONCE and set the check number ONCE, and the program fills in the rest!  It’ll take longer to print than it will to use this program!

Have your child cut out and make their very own realistic checkbook personalized with his/her name and address!




  1. Input children’s names ONCE, the program generates the names on all other tabs…
  2. Print tabs for children’s personalized checkbooks
  3. Follow more detailed directions in program for step-by-step instructions [if needed]



  1. Create checkbooks for individual children
  2. Determine check number to start from
  3. Put home address to make it more personal




The Teacher Edition that many teachers have bought and used in their classes is selling now on TeachersPayTeachers for $13.95 and is rated 4 out of 4 stars!  It has been a success in many classrooms and is now available for home use!

The PARENT EDITION is a smaller version of the Teacher Edition with directions and examples specifically for parents to use at home.  Also, it is cheaper!

 on Hole Stories for only $7.95!

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