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Symbolic Logic PowerPoint and 4 Worksheets

Easily explain and visually illustrate symbolic logic. Turn English sentences into mathematical sentences and symbolic statements! This mini-unit will make learning about logic fun and easy! Animations in the PowerPoint give a systematic and easy approach to learn how to fill in truth tables. Many examples and real-life situations help students to understand the differences between the “Converse”, “Inverse”, and “Contrapositive”. This really is a fun mini-unit that should take between 2-4 days. It’s packed with examples, explanations, and practice problems on the worksheets!

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Professional Tutoring Receipts

Are you a private tutor? Make your tutoring service more professional by providing parents with real receipts for each tutoring session! Parents ask for receipts for all sorts of reasons [legal reasons mother and father, tax purposes, need to keep track of spent money, etc.] Whatever the case may be, the option of a professional receipt is a must.

Receipts are not only good for parents, but also for YOU as well! Not only does this print out have receipts to give parents, but also a stub that you keep that matches with the original receipt. This way, you have it documented every time you get paid!

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Fibonacci Worksheet

Get students up, moving, and discovering the golden ration on their own! Make math exciting with this step-by-step worksheet; it walks students through how to measure their arms, legs, head, etc. and how to calculate how close they are to phi! Best Fibonacci lesson out there!

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Finbonacci PowerPoint

Best Fibonacci lesson! Make math exciting with this PowerPoint! Includes Teacher Guide and extra worksheet for students to discover the golden ratio! Visually explain and show many examples of the famous Fibonacci sequence and how it’s in absolutely everything around us! Includes an in depth PowerPoint presentation with great pictorial representations and explanations as well as a Teacher Guide to make presenting the PowerPoint, instructing students, and answering questions easier!

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Information Cards

THE GOAL To gather information in an organized way so that you are able to recall that information quickly and easily. . BONUSES Completely customizable for any class and any information you’d like to collect! Super eco-friendly system of being organized since you’re using one piece of paper four times, front and back… Easy to use with step-by-step instructions (that

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Checkbook System Part 1

This Checkbook System is perfect for any class!  It teaches students how to write a check, balance a register, and manage money.  But the best part is that it’s used as a class discipline tool as well as a reward system. Set prices for pencils, erasers, paper, or anything else students often forget. Set consequences for students that run out

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