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Unlimited Customizable Basic Math Practice Worksheets!

Hey, Teachers! Make differentiating a million times easier! Hey, Parents! Get easy access to study worksheets for your child! This file allows you to have instant access to unlimited amount of worksheets (and answer keys), for any level student! No need to borrow materials from other teachers or skim frantically through workbooks and other resources trying to find a new practice worksheet! Or to browse the web for hours trying to find appropriate study materials for your child!

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A Tour of Italy!

INCLUDES A power point presentation with 224 slides of Italy, including every one of her 20 regions, famous festivals, museums, regional foods, and all major cities. A 6 page script to accompany each slide filled with historical information and interesting tidbits. . DURATION May be done all at once or divided into parts. The first half visits northern Italy and

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Instant Assessment Data Collection!

Collect assessment data easily from students instead of analyzing each assessment yourself! This easy-to-use program is literally two steps which will take less than two seconds and it’s good for ANY assessment (up to 90 questions)! Whether you want to collect data from a small five-question quiz or from a practice standardized test of 85 questions, this program will generate exactly what you tell it to in only two steps!

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Triangle Area Mystery!

Congruent figures have different areas. How? This challenge activity is great for any high school math class and explains that the answer is quite simple! This math activity is great as extra credit for any math level of Pre-Algebra and up! Challenge students with this visual brainbuster! The answer is quite amazing and relatively simple but very difficult see!

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Symbolic Logic Worksheets (4) & Answer Key

Easily explain and visually illustrate symbolic logic. Turn English sentences into symbolic statements! These worksheets will make learning about logic fun and easy! Many examples and real-life situations help students understand the differences between the “Converse”, “Inverse”, and “Contrapositive”. These worksheets are packed with examples, explanations, and practice problems!

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