If you ask any public school teacher in the U.S. about the education system, you’ll hear similar frustrations time and time again… So why aren’t we doing something about this? We need to make a change – and not just talk about change. We need to be heard – instead of just complaining to colleagues during lunch. Let’s pull together, and get some ideas!

Sapa O’Chau – Vietnam

The Sapa O’Chau Centre is dedicated to helping children learn curricula and pass the entrance exams in order to, eventually, attend Vietnamese public school. It was created in hopes of promoting education as well as providing work/training opportunities to local children.

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Let Us Create! – Cambodia

There are many countries in Asia where children begging on the street for money is a real problem. Children are taught from a young age how to beg: what to say, how to look, where to go, and what time is most profitable. Usually, children are out begging at night and, therefore, do not attend school the next day. There is an amazing program that is taking steps in the right direction to tackle this problem.

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A True Outdoor Education – Norway

What are the options for students that do not care about school, learning, and their future? Should we force them to sit in the same classes with students that actually want to learn which will inevitably lead to distractions and valuable instruction-time wasted… or, are there other options?

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