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Sparse Classrooms Promote Better Learning!

Researchers in the US find that children are more likely to lose concentration and score lower test scores when classroom walls are covered with over-elaborate displays. Teachers should consider taking down over-elaborate classroom displays amid concerns maps, artwork and photographs damage children’s education, according to research. What is YOUR classroom like?

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The Most Powerful Weapon

There is something in this world that is more useful than any other tool and more powerful than any weapon. This tool can be used to make your life a success and to make your life “easier”.  This one tool will make you more competitive, allow you to easily earn more money, and grant you freedom and flexibility. This same tool

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Labeling Students Hurts Them

Labels hinder crucial lifetime development! Is more time on assessments and better grades worth the trade off that the students are being trained (negatively) that the world will wait for them? Slapping a label on a student is fine and dandy for school, but is it really better for LIFE?!

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Comfortable Classrooms

There are many factors that impede learning; one of which is an uncomfortable learning environment.  There are many factors that contribute to “comfort”: temperature, nourishment, safety, smells, peer relationships, etc. It is merely impossible to control every comfort-contributor, but it is important to try and manipulate what is possible to control. Would you believe that one of the easiest ways

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Teach on a Beach! – Cambodia

While I was on the island of Koh Rong, I noticed a group of kids skipping by me on the beach pointing to things and yelling what they were in English. I soon learned about the English classes that take place on the island with all the local children. Ever wonder how someone gets the job of an English teacher on a gorgeous remote island? Find out!

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Barbie vs. GI Joe

Where does education start? Most people would agree that education begins at home – but where exactly in the home and in what way? Ever wonder how much parents actually “teach” their children without even realizing it? Why are there certain characteristics of little girls that seem to be the same worldwide?

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