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Sapa O’Chau – Vietnam

The Sapa O’Chau Centre is dedicated to helping children learn curricula and pass the entrance exams in order to, eventually, attend Vietnamese public school. It was created in hopes of promoting education as well as providing work/training opportunities to local children.

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Currency Conversion Confusion!

Reprogramming your brain to think in a foreign currency can be difficult enough, but there are some countries that make this even more confusing!  Moreover, I found that some countries use the confusion and difficulty of currency conversions to their advantage to make the most money possible out of tourists! . . VIETNAM: . When I was in Vietnam, US$1

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Let Us Create! – Cambodia

There are many countries in Asia where children begging on the street for money is a real problem. Children are taught from a young age how to beg: what to say, how to look, where to go, and what time is most profitable. Usually, children are out begging at night and, therefore, do not attend school the next day. There is an amazing program that is taking steps in the right direction to tackle this problem.

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What’s In a Grade? – Thailand

What should determine a student’s grade?  Is a grade purely about what the student knows about the material or is a grade in school something more? This question was probably my biggest battle while teaching in the States.  I know there’s a saying to “pick and choose your battles,” but, to me, this is definitely worth every debate! More and

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Money Math Tricks

Ever wander into a country and realize that you have no idea what the conversion rate is? Usually before I travel, I research what the conversion rate is from my US dollar to what the currency is in the country I plan on visiting.  But sometimes, life takes you on a journey that you did not anticipate and then you’re

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