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Information Cards

THE GOAL To gather information in an organized way so that you are able to recall that information quickly and easily. . BONUSES Completely customizable for any class and any information you’d like to collect! Super eco-friendly system of being organized since you’re using one piece of paper four times, front and back… Easy to use with step-by-step instructions (that

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Checkbook System Part 1

This Checkbook System is perfect for any class!  It teaches students how to write a check, balance a register, and manage money.  But the best part is that it’s used as a class discipline tool as well as a reward system. Set prices for pencils, erasers, paper, or anything else students often forget. Set consequences for students that run out

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Comfortable Classrooms

There are many factors that impede learning; one of which is an uncomfortable learning environment.  There are many factors that contribute to “comfort”: temperature, nourishment, safety, smells, peer relationships, etc. It is merely impossible to control every comfort-contributor, but it is important to try and manipulate what is possible to control. Would you believe that one of the easiest ways

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Gas Prices Worldwide

Ever wonder how much you’re paying at the pump when you’re in a foreign country? Or perhaps even sitting at home you’re curious as to what other people around the world pay to get to and from work. Check out my easy-to-read table of the gas prices I encountered when traveling in 2011-2012.

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Teach on a Beach! – Cambodia

While I was on the island of Koh Rong, I noticed a group of kids skipping by me on the beach pointing to things and yelling what they were in English. I soon learned about the English classes that take place on the island with all the local children. Ever wonder how someone gets the job of an English teacher on a gorgeous remote island? Find out!

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Barbie vs. GI Joe

Where does education start? Most people would agree that education begins at home – but where exactly in the home and in what way? Ever wonder how much parents actually “teach” their children without even realizing it? Why are there certain characteristics of little girls that seem to be the same worldwide?

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